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Updated Apple TV with second generation A5 processor / Released March 7, 2012

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Where can I purchase power supply

Where can I purchase a power supply for my Apple TV 3rd generation

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I am interested in this as well. A recent lightning storm took out our Apple TV and I am curious to see if replacing the power supply will fix the issue.


The exact same thing happened to me during a lightning storm


i'm also searching for this solution, and I also need a place where a can buy the AppleTV 3rd gen power supply, does anyone know where I can find it?


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Here's one source: AilExpress - PSU OT9031 Apple P/N: 614-0482 for Apple TV 2 and TV 3 A1378 A1427 A1469 MD199/572 EMC2411/2528/2633 2010-2013.

You can also google for the part number to find other sources: 'Apple 614-0482'

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