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Model A1106 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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Hinges are loose -- how to tighten?

Hi there!

I just picked up a PowerBook -- A1106. Decent computer, Hinges are loose though. I think it is underneath the clutch cover where the looseness is. I already opened the computer to see if the screws attatching the hinge within the computer were the issue and all of those were tight. The screen will hold in a position (but be able to wobble back and forth somewhat)

Pls advise/post a repair guide



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It's a real ball ache.

You'll need to take the WHOLE thing apart, remove the actual LCD and then you can get to the screws that keep the hinge cover on. Only then can you start to remove the hinge cover and get to the screws.

Have a go if you like, the guide to remove the screen is the start. other good lcd removal guides at (sorry, ifixit, yours are great but you missed a trick on the LCD removal).

Depends if you have a day spare and have a lot of confidence in your ability.

Good luck young learner and Godspeed your way but long and hard is the road.

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Matt is correct. That unit is the most difficult to work on the hinges. Most people I know look to ifixit or ebay for a replacement display rather than try to repair the hinges. It can be done but as Matt says the road is hard. Ralph +


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because its a well old laptop now I just gently bended the cover back just enough so I could get to the screws took about ten minutes a few taps with the handle of my screwdriver and the whole thing is back to how it should be

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Brother, that is the most intelligent answer I have seen on this issue


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