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7.9 inch display / Model A1432 / Available in black or white / Announced October 23rd, 2012 / 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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do I need the adhesive and foam tapes for the ipad mini

Do I need the adhesive and foam tapes that I remove from the ipadmini during the removal process? Do I need to replace it when reassembling the ipad, if yes where could I order the tapes.

Thank you.

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You should. For quality repairs, restore everything to the original state is recommended.

However these adhesives are almost impossible to get, so you may have to compromise.

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Thank you Mr chai I'll check my hardware stores if there are any foam tapes available.


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I'm assuming for foam tape you mean the two bits that cover the screwheads on the right side of the iPad---tip: next time just screw right down through them and they will stay on the screwheads--super easy to transfer. If you tossed the tapes, no worries, just use a tiny bit of kapton tape or whatever you have. The purpose is just to prevent the digitizer from grounding out on the screws.

For "adhesive" most of the screen assemblies these days (which is what pretty much everyone buys for replacement screens for the mini) have preinstalled adhesive---you just pull the backs of the adhesive stickers after you've done your dry fit and test. There is no need for extra adhesive AS LONG AS you have made sure to remove 100% of the old adhesive. I use a 3M sticker remover pen which works great, and then I go over that with isopropyl alcohol or windex. dry and ready for install.

good luck! (PS: don't forget to read up on how to tape the iPad mini digitizer to prevent ghosting, the mini can be a finicky little thing!

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I think he meant the foam gasket around the LCD to prevent dust entering. No one seems to even notice it, let alone supplying it.


Ok, so it's the foam tapes and everything, I mean to say all the different tapes that is mention in the ipad mini guides which are removed in each steps in removing the lcd display. I could use any kind of foam tape except gasket types, I belive I came across those in ebay, not sure but will double check. I just also need to know exactly

what I am looking for about the tapes. Thanks


Ok, I read the guide---substitute any tape for the tape covering the LCD screws. skip the small piece of tape at the bottom of the LCD. skip a new gasket unless you had to replace your LCD. You will not be able to remove the remnants of the old gasket attached to the original LCD in order to install a new gasket, even if you were able to find one.

Make sure you read up on digitizer ghosting which is a common problem in the ipad mini---you'll need to tape the new mini digitizer at the bottom and across the home flex in order to avoid this problem. The digitizer should look like the original. Also don't forget to transfer your magnets from original to new screen if you'd like your smart cover to stay secure in the vertical position. Otherwise, skip it.


Tom Chai is right, I ordered a new LCD and I made a mistake not supplying the foam around the new LCD. After sealing my digitizer on the frame, I got air bubbles. It is really necessary to provide the LCD with this foam


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