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Can I exchange hardrives in between two different Xbox 360 machines?

My 250gb, Xbox 360 just took a dump. I know the hard drive can be easily removed from the broken machine. My question is, can I buy a new 4gb Xbox and just install my 250gb hard drive into it? I would love to get some more life out of the 250gb drive.

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Yes you can. I own a Xbox 360 S 4GB myself and got my hands on a dead old Arcade 360 with a 20GB harddrive a few years ago.

I opened up the old HDD case and plugged the SATA HDD into the Xbox slim's harddrive bay without any case.

Everything is recognized , since it's a Microsoft signed HDD.

But since it was lose I decided to order an aftermarket housing for the drive.

Eventually the HDD Slim case came after a few weeks from china for a few bucks and I took the drive and put it into the case. Plugged it into the Slim console and it did fit perfectly.

Works like it should do.

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