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Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by LG.

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Why doesn't LG Optimus G Pro screen turn on after I repaired it?

I just finished repairing my lense screen and after I assembled it my screen doesn't turn on? What can I do? Is it fixable?

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Did you double check your work? Did you make sure everything is properly connected? Have you tried the old screen to make sure you have a working phone? Why did you replace the screen? what happened to your phone before?


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Carefully inspect the LCD flex that connects to the board, or in this case I believe it connects to the charge port flex. Try applying a little pressure to it or check for any signs of laceration, if the flex is torn at all then the LCD is no longer good. I make the comment about the pressure because something similar happened with an LG G2 i fixed. No image on the LCD but when I would play with the flex the image would show.

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