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The fourth generation Volkswagen Jetta, also called the MK4 or the Bora, is Volkswagen's family sedan.

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car jerks when I press gas pedal

if i back-off the gas pedal and then press down on it again while traveling down the highway the car jerks real hard if i don't ease down real slow on the pedal.What's causing this?

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Sounds like you may need your fuel filter replaced. When it clogs up you won't get proper fuel flow to the engine. Could also be dirty air filter. Remove the filter and see if the prob lem goes away. If it does it's the air filter. No matter what you need to replace the fuel filter periodically. Good luck

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My 2005 Nissan Frontier jerk when my foot is on the gas paddle, don’t knw what going on?

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My 2005 Nissan Frontier jerks when my foot is on the gas paddle .. what the problem?


Allow someone to sit inside while it idles in Park while you watch the motor. Then have them hit the accelerator peddle while you watch the engine. If the engine rises then sets back down, you probably have a motor mount failure.


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