Why is the MacBook Keyboard not working after upgrade to 10.9.2?

I am (not a Mac expert) trying to repair the Macbook of a friend, whose keyboard has stopped working after an upgrade to 10.9.2. It is an icelandic keyboard and right now types only three characters and all others either do not respond or come as blank spaces.

An external bluetooth keyboard and a usb keyboard work fine. Tried to reset (through the usb keyboard) PVRAM but it keeps going into the Mac utilities, safe mode option is also not working. Could not reset SMC with the Shift-Control-Option keys (on the left side) and the power button... so opened the back panel and disconnected the battery connector and pressed the power.

When I go into Mac Utilities (where I reached instead of PVRAM reset) there is a log for which I have not found any clue on the internet

'''Apr 1 05:30:40 localhost Language Chooser[359]: Waiting for prepaired devices to appear

Apr 1 05:30:44 localhost configd[114]: subnet_route_if_index: can't get interface name

Apr 1 05:30:53 localhost Language Chooser[359]: Prepaired wait done.

Apr 1 05:30:53 localhost Unknown[360]: Keyboard Layouts: duplicate keyboard layout identifier -16899.

Apr 1 05:30:53 localhost Unknown[360]: Keyboard Layouts: keyboard layout identifier -16899 has been replaced with -28673.

Apr 1 05:30:53 localhost Unknown[360]: Keyboard Layouts: duplicate keyboard layout identifier -16900.

Apr 1 05:30:53 localhost Unknown[360]: Keyboard Layouts: keyboard layout identifier -16900 has been replaced with -28674.

Apr 1 05:30:53 localhost Language Chooser[359]: Set keyboard to id: -21

Apr 1 05:30:54 localhost Language Chooser[359]: Found primary language hint "en"


Apr 1 05:47:35 localhost Unknown[360]: 2014-04-01 05:47:35.238 OS X Utilities[379:303] !!! _NSLayoutTreeLineFragmentRectForGlyphAtIndex invalid glyph index 0'''

Please guide me as to the next step.

Thank you

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I have tried ALL commands from the external USB keyboard and every command (reset PVRAM, Safeboot etc) takes me to the Mac utilities page... can't figure what am I doing wrong...? :(

IF this is an incompatability problem with Mavericks... could I reinstall 10.8 and restore my docs and mail from 10.9 Time Machine back-up??


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Posting this as a help for someone who might be stuck in the same situation...

Somehow my keyboard mapping has got corrupted and since I could not find a direct way to edit the keymapping for Mac I used a superb software called KeyRemap4MacBook and it has remapped my key settings, over-riding the defaults in my Macbook and now I can happily work on my macbook. It seems that somehow there is a hardware error and my Left Shift key is not working but all the rest now work properly...

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It sounds like there is a bug with the update. I don't use a mac, so I would be guessing if you can reinstall the prior version of the software. But if it is possible, downgrade the os and see if that resolves the issue.

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Thanks Wade,

I'm still perplexed by the fact that none of the boot keyboard sequences are able to work... THAT should give me an option of booting into another install medium or reset the parameters...:(


You've got me with the boot sequences. Sorry I can't be of any more help.


Thank you for trying Wade...

This is the ONLY response I got from the Mac community on any forum... I downgraded from 10.9.2 but the problem remains... which makes me think it may be a physical problem with the keyboard...


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Malware. Yes there's tons of it for Mac. Check the National Institute of Standards for Technology National Vunerability Database of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures, almost 9,000 for Apple as of Feb. 2018.

About 1/10 as many as Windows but uh would you go out in a thunderstorm if you knew you had a 1/10 chance of getting struck my lightening?

These and similar messages from an "unknown" process have been popping up in logs (Cmd+L) during installs in Recovery and elsewhere for a while now:

Unknown[528]: Keyboard Layouts: keyboard layout identifier -14934 has been replaced with -28673.

Either Apple is totally off their game or its malware. Guess its true about what goes up...Too bad.

They're totally screwing themselves over by not confronting these problems and just living in denial and refusing to help their paying customers.

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