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Model A1103 / 1.25, 1.33, 1.42, or 1.5 GHz G4 processor

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System restarting its self and Apps shutting down on their own.

Mac mini (PowerPC) 1.5 Ghz, 512 Mb RAM, Late 2005 with OS-X 10.4.11

Seems to work fine but after 5 minutes it just displays you need to restart press and hold power button

Other symptoms:

Safari & Firefox just close by them selves

I Run Disk utility and repair folders permission and so but still the same.

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Do you still have the grey OS installer disk that came with your system? If you do restart your mini with it then from the menu bar select Disk Utility and run it (from the DVD).

If you run Disk Utility from your HD, it won't make the needed repairs to your HD. You need to run it from the DVD or setup your mini in Target mode and then from a second Mac via a FireWire cable and run Disk Utility from the other Mac system.

Even still I'm not sure this will fix your problem here. Check your power cord making sure its plugged in and try a different AC outlet as the outlet could be bad (wall or power strip).

Can you give us some more information and details on what is happening here?

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Kernel panic?


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Well, let say I'm in the middle of something and then just pop's up an error message

Then I Don't have any option other then just turn off the Mac Mini,

-It happens when browsing or just by having the Mac Mini Turn On.

-The other thing that I notice, (not sure if is for same reason) it goes on StandBy Mode and when trying to wake it up, i does not responde so I have to turn it Off.

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Cesar - If the link is what you are seeing then yes indeed you are getting Kernel Panics. Panics can be caused by misbehaving hardware or software. The first question is do you have backups of your files and have the original disks if needed to re-install your applications? If you do they you should be able to scratch your HD test it and rebuild it (if it is OK otherwise replace it). That is the easiest way to resolve a system that is encountering panics. As you are getting it within the OS and different Apps it's likely the HD is having problems.


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Ok thanks for your help, by change do you know where can I get HDD IDE 2.5?

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