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Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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Computer will not go past "Start Windows Normally"

I got my farther the Dell D620 to start him off with, he was online when the battery went dead and turned off. I plugged it in and started it back up, it went to the "Start Windows Normally" screen, I pressed "Enter" to do this and it just keeps going back to the same "Start Windows Normally" screen after it goes to the window screen to load up. I have noticed a "Blue square" with white writing in it flashes for less than a second before going back to "Start Windows Normally" screen, it is to fast for me to read. How can I get past this? (if I can)

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Have you tried booting to safe mode, to see if it will boot?

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I did with no effect, I've just tried start up with F8 (starting up at a safe point) and it has worked. Thank you for commenting.


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