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Bluetooth music/phone switching for home stereo

There are a lot of bluetooth remote speakers out there. Some have a speaker phone button and some do not.

When a call comes in the speaker will automatically mute and if you push the button on the speaker hear the other party.

What is the speaker connecting to on the phone when a call comes in that it is not connecting to when it is just playing music or streaming media? This same thing happens if using bluetooth headphones that have a mic, there by allowing the user to answer a call.

I would like to hear incoming calls on my home stereo but cannot find a devise that will go from playing music to incoming calls.

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As an example the JamBox speaker has a microphone within it so its not just a speaker it's a conference phone type of device as well when used with a phone that supports bluetooth services.

OK now lets talk about your home stereo: it does not have a dual amp (one for speakers and one for the microphones) or the needed microphone's them selves to hear your voice. While some stereo's support Bluetooth headsets they are not leveraging the phone function the given headset may have.

What you maybe looking for is something like a Polycom system. While the desktop/tabletop units are the cheapest option they also do rooms with in the ceiling microphones so you're not glued to the desk/table.

You may want to stick to one of the older wireless phones tied into your phone line.

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