Mid 2009 Model A1278 / 2.26 or 2.53 GHz Core 2 Duo processor EMC 2326

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Hard Drive Cable or logic board?

Hello guys,

I have a problem.

my mac visualized a folder with a question mark.

on "Disk Utility", my mac did not recognize the hard disk.

I replaced the hard drive and now my mac displays the disk but I can not format, partition and install the operating system.

I tried to replace the "Flat Cable Connection A1278 Hard Disk." but the problem remained.

what happened?

The 2 hard drives work perfectly when connected to the USB port as external disks. I also installed the operating system and work.

I connected the 2 hard drives on another mac with sata and work.

The possibilities are 2.

1 The new flat cable I used, does not work well.

2 logic board. (Even if the system works with usb hard drives)

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Perhaps you're missing MacBook Pro EFI Firmware Update 1.7 ? When the "Mid-2009" MacBook Pro models first were released, systems configured with a hard drive only had 1.5 Gb/s SATA if you missed this update try installing it. If you are trying to use a SATA II (6GB/s drive) without the update that could be the issue.

The cable would be next logical thing to check and cheap to replace.

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the firmware update has already been performed. and also the cable has been already replaced. sometimes the system start up, but is unstable and crashes.

the new hard drive is seen correctly. but utility disk is unstable.


What does "utility disk unstable" mean? If the cables are out, and the Drive SATA version is out that only leaves a logic board problem…


with unstable mean it does not give me the option to format the disk or partition it giving me error.

If it was the logic board, the system would not work even with the hard drive placed in "USB external box." Right?, Or am I wrong?

because, with the external hard drive I can safely use "Disk Utility" without any problems. and I format and install the operating system. and after the installation works fine.


You can not format a boot volume from Disk Utilities. (like you can't repair a car engine that's running) From a Repair boot (command-R) Disk Tools can format that part of your HD which is the normal boot partition. No- If the logic board is OK and the SATA cable/connector is not the same boot media in an external case will boot the machine fine. An external case allowing media to work confirms your media is sound.


of course, I try to format the hard disk, using the original installation DVD. but it does not work. and also the "disc repair function" does not work. me from many mistakes.

if you use "disk utility" on the same hard disk (boot disk OS) but not with an external case, there are no problems and tells me that the volume is ok.

I run an "apple hardware test" and tells me that everything is ok.

I do not know where to look for the problem. tips?


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How to reinstall operating system

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Old post I know, but I felt a need to chip in. The much touted idea that if HDD's are working in a external enclosure then the logic board is ok is wrong. The functions of the logic board are composed individually. Just because the USB section is operating 100% doesn't mean that the working of the SATA drive will be functional. At the very least it could be that the logic board connection to the SATA cable is broken. Similarly it may be that the voltage required to detect the SATA drives is shorted or any myriad of other problems.

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