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The Samsung Wave II S8530 (or "Samsung Wave II") is the Successor of Samsung Wave S8500 smartphone running the bada 1.2 operating system designed by Samsung, which was commercially released on October, 2010.

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How to transfer files from phone with broken screen

Hey every one!!! I had samsung wave II for more then a year and i had pretty important photos and videos in phone memory. But i droped it and now the screen is totaly messed up, maybe someone have an idea how to transfer all those file to PC???

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The is an easy yet efficient software for transferring data between iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. You can transfer all of your mobile phone data with this Phone Transfer:


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simply plug the usb cablefrom phone to PC and transfer your datas

that's all

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Have a try Wondershare MobileGo and see if it could read all files in your phone and help you transfer from Samsung to PC. It's free.

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