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Why does my MacBook takes time to startup and shutdown?

When i turn my MacBook on, i hear start chime, see the apple logo, see the process wheel spinning and it take 20-30 mins to startup and keeps on freezing for every 5-10 minutes I tried reinstalling new Mac OS X 10.7 the problem still exists.

I had verified and repaired the HDD from the utilities and i have green signal and its a new HDD as i had to replace it in Jan 2013.

Appreciate any kind of help which will resolve in making my MacBook up and running.


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It sounds like the HD SATA cable is bad.

Apple & some third parties got some bad cables which appear to work and then any heavy data movement fail.

I would replace the cable and do a fresh install from the recovery CD or Apple supplied USB flash drive (which ever came with your system). Then upgrade it if you want a newer supported version (10.7.5). Once you get your OS upgraded and updated. I would make a bootable USB drive and make sure it too was at the latest OS the system can support as a backup.

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can u tell me where can i find one of those cables..


The MacBook (13-inch, Mid 2010) part infer is: Flex Cable, Hard Drive 922-9181. Here's one source IFIXIT


My MacBook model is A1181 (13-inch, early 2008) can u please recommend the HD SATA cable.


Click on the link above


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