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Model A1320 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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My mom wash my iPod then dry ina dryer by accident

hi my i pod don't work anymore my mom wash because i left my i pod on my shorts then she dry in a dryer after she takes the cloth out of a dryer she fund my i pod and the i pod don't turn on an apple don't cover the i pod with the warranty on water damage you know what can i change o how to repair? thanks

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The only way is to disassemble the iPod.

then you need rubbing alcohol and a soft paintbrush, then clean the logicboard and the dock connector - but be careful - the parts are tiny. if everything is clean, let it dry and reassemble it.

try charge it with the wall charger - maybe you'r lucky and it will work again

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Make sure you leave it powered off for a few days before you plug it in, though.


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Good! Now you can get a life! :-)

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That's not a helpful answer... If someone else were to come along and look at this question, they would not find much of a solution in your answer.


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