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The HTC One (codenamed M7) is HTC's 2013 flagship smartphone. It features a seamlessly designed unibody aluminum frame, large dual front-facing speakers, and a 4.7-inch 1080p display.

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Speakers cracking noise after screen replacement - repair nightmare

Hope someone on here can help me; I've searched everywhere can could not find a solution. The technician who worked on the phone for many hours looked at me and said "I have no clue"; I thought he was going to start crying.

Everything but the camera worked perfectly before the technician opened the phone to start working in it. It went downhill from there.


1. HTC One camera had purple problem - technician replaced it with new sharp camera that I ordered from etradesupply, new camera works fantastic, but the screen became all pixelated and died.

2. Technician replaced the screen from a bricked HTC one he had. New screen worked, but the speakers started to creakle.

3. I had a bunch of other issues (e.g. sim card not recognized - connectors not plugged in correctly), which resulted in the technician spending more than 12 hours on the phone and myself wasting 6-7 in going back and forth to his shop, waiting, and ordering parts.

Lessons learned for both of us

  1. technicians should refuse to repair the HTC One,
  2. I should have sent the phone to HTC for 4 weeks paid $200 and be done with the problem...

Problem description

As soon as volume is louder than 8 or 9, and during phone calls at any volume, there is a creaking noise from the speakers both top and bottom.

When the whole phone was outside the aluminum unibody frame the noise would stop. As soon as we inserted the top end of the phone assembly into the aluminum frame the noise started.

When beatsaudio is off problem is not as bad.


  1. Speaker worked perfectly before the technician swapped the screen and reassembled the phone, is it worth trying to replace the speakers with new ones?
  2. could it be interference from something that was not properly put together? It's kind of odd that both speakers started having the same issue at the same time.

Thanks so much for any help!

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You guys need to have adhesive behind the speaker. You need enough for it to stick and not vibrate. Either use Tesa 61395 or PET heat resistant red double sided tape.

Also when the phone gets damaged more after opening that is the technician's fault.

Because I have done so many HTC One M8 screen replacements. Replaced the camera on the same M7 5 times stripping it apart without damaging it. I also do charger port replacements on them.

Honestly I don't like doing HTC One M7 screen replacements. M9 especially NO.

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Thanks for this helpful information. I took my cell into the repair shop and the tech didn't have any TESA 61395 tape so he used Red Tape. It fixed the speaker buzzing sound. But, now my WiFi signal will only show strong signal as a weak signal and I can hardly connect to anyone's signal. My home WiFi which was working strong and very good before he fixed the speaker issue now can barely connect to WiFi at all. I suspect that somehow his use of the tape is now blocking the WiFi signal from being detected. Any help as to what to do now? It's not a good trade of to now have good speaker and barely can get any WiFi which is pretty important.


Also, what width of the TESA 61395 tape would you use? 1mm or 2mm? I want to buy some for this tech who doesn't seem to have much of the needed equipment to fix phones. I am kind of stuck with him since he is the one who broke my screen and caused the speaker issues.


1mm because very easy to cut and adjust accordingly.

Also for the wifi issue that would most likely be the antennae cable unplugged or damaged. Yeah I have forgotten to plug the antennae cable before.


According to Genius Cellphone Repair, they reopened my repair ticket and found that the wifi antenna was damaged somehow when the previous tech worked on the top speaker issue. Previous to that issue, that same tech broke the cover glass when closing up the phone after inserting a new battery. The speaker works fine now. He used more red tape and doubled the layer. Also now the vibration device barely works and it worked normally before the broken cover glass. I think this tech needs a lot more training. I moved my repair to another location in the area to see if other techs are going to be better and not break more than they fix. Thanks for your help. Ben.


No problem. Glad to hear you got your phone working in decent condition again.


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The same thing happened to me. I also have an HTC One M7 and I took my phone into a repair shop for a broken screen, and got it back with a cracking/static noise coming from the speakers when the volume was turned up past the 3rd notch. I tried restarting it, turning the Beats audio on and off and nothing helped. I took it back up to the shop where I had the work done and the tech was unaware of the problem but immediately took another look at the issue. He said sometimes the speaker gets slightly damaged, or simply misaligned (not factory flush), when taking the phone apart over and over. He replaced it with the speaker from another phone (HTC One X) and that fixed the problem. It took less than an hour.

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I had the same problem but the tech replaced the top speaker and it didn't fix the problem. He isn't sure how to get the adhesive back on the speaker to make it fit flush and stop the buzzing. He was thinking it was moving air when the speakers are working was somehow making the vibration device to slightly activate. Has anyone put extra adhesive on the speaker to see if that worked or is the alignment the key to fixing this issue?


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The speaker issue is only coming from the top, not the bottom. Hold one quiet with your hand, and see if the other is the source of the issue then vice versa. There needs to be extra adhesive on the speakers, because from taking it apart they are not factory flush again, otherwise, they are rattling around and that is why it sounds crackly, especially if they are not perfectly tight within the housing.

Chances are as well, if your playing it at full, you always run the risk of blowing out your speakers. This also could have happened if heat was applied during the whole process to remove any of the adhesive from the pieces. Just food for thought, you don't run your car speakers at full volume, or any speakers for that matter, because you blow them out. Your phone shouldn't be any different.

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Thanks for your answer!!

You are right issue is only with the top speaker. IIRC he used a heat gun to take the phone apart so that could very well be it.

I don't usually run the speakers at full volume (neither in my car) ;-)

Thanks again so much for your help!! I will get him to make sure that the speaker is tighter within the housing.


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I'm having that issue on htc m7 right now, the top speaker make noise when playing music or other sounds, already tried to replace the speaker with a new one, same result... how can i fix this issue ?

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