Means of connecting iPhone 5 Signal Module to Logic Board (Top)?

Ok, so I don't want to buy a a hot air solder, but I bought a broken and disassembled iPhone 5 for $100 aus. I'm in Australia... obviously. Anyway, this guy had no idea what he was doing and had no intention of searching the internet for guides, clearly. Anyway, among damaging almost everything else in the !@#$ phone, he's torn the two little signal antennae at the top of the screen. When I put the phone back together and installed my sim from my personal phone it gained reception after about 10 minutes and some fiddling. Then after about 2 minutes it dropped, gained 2g, 3g, then 4g, then dropped. I was confused, but then I realized that this little cable was torn and well yeah, after a little research and knowing that it was soldered to the logic board I swore and ranted a little. So after attempting some soldering on the iPad mini it didn't go down too well, and I'm really nervous about touching this phone. I'm wondering if I could just solder on top of the old, torn antenna? Could I super glue it on top instead of even soldering it? Could I use some conductive glue over the top of the old one? I don't see why not, but I could be so, so wrong! Please advise :) Thanks! :)

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