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15" HP laptop with 2.60 GHz AMD Phenom II Dual-Core Mobile Processor.

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How do you change out the keyboard on this laptop?

A friend wasted coffee on the keyboard, everything works except the keyboard, wanted to find out the procedure for removing and replacing the keyboard.

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remove the cover on the bottom (the cover covers the hard drive, the ram and the wifi card).

under the cover there are a few screws, remove the screw with a keyboard icon next to it.

if there is a nearly square hole with a keyboard icon and an arrow toward the hole next to it, use the back of a pencil to push the back of the hole, the keyboard should pop out.

lift up the keyboard find the flat (and fragile) cable. where the cable attaches to the motherboard there's a clip on top of the end of the cable, open the clip and the keyboard should come lose.

insert the new keyboard and the flat cable, push the edges of the keyboard down (if necessary). re-insert screws. after you put the cover back you'll be done

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my laptop need a recovery disk because it did not come with one and coffee is in the key board


ring hp . And they'll send you out a disc . Or you can go to your settings . And you should find a back up file


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