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The Samsung L100 was a Digital Camera that was released in February 2008.

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Sea water got in side the camera and totally out of order?

How can i repair this?

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Yes - check out the Answers from the "salt water damage tag "at right. It's a mess. Most manufactures replace (not repair) salt water damaged electronics.

In future a salt water bath should be immediately followed by pulling the battery and a fresh water bath if there's going to be any shot at saving.

Disassembly as soon as possible followed by a good washing with (deionized) distilled water, then Then the old uncooked rice (or commercial desiccant's to dry) for days (not minutes, or hours). Never use forced air (hair dryer or the like).

Examination with a magnifier for burned, swollen components would show what needs to be repaired (but soldering logic board components is not a DIY project - you need special tools, solder and lots & lots of practice so you don't destroy the MLB)

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I would just like to confirm that good old rice really does work. My phone ended up in the local lake whilst holidaying in Thailand a couple of years ago. It was submerged for a good few minutes after the boat capsized. I took out the battery and sim card and buried everything in a large container of rice for several days. Everything recovered except for a smudge on the inside of the lens. Now that I've discovered this site I'll have a go at repairing the lens.

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