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The Averatec 3200 series laptop is an ultraportable/thin/light laptop from Averatec

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How do I reset this laptop

I would like to know how to reset my laptop.. Its telling me it needs to be activated with micorsoft

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I'd like to thank u for the help but for reasons unknown to me this method didn't work .. What ever is wrong with my laptop it won't allow me to even attempt to log into windows .. It jus tells me it needs to be activated wit Microsoft I click yes when it ask if I want to activate now, then it says it already been activated ... And it dose that over and over


Did you try entering thru safe mode?


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it requires a Key. same as a cd key. the key should be on the bottom of the laptop as a Microsoft sticker, on the sticker it will say your windows OS eather be XP, vista, 7 or 8.

the key is the "product key"

example: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx

you type the code into the computer go to, control panel - systems and security - system. it will be at the bottom of the page under "windows activation" (via windows 7)

if the above does not lead you too the page go to "my computer" right click the background of the window and click "properties" and it will take you the right page and you can find

"windows activation" at the bottom.

hope this helps. But for any reason you dont have the sticker on the bottom then it was removed and you need to purchase another key at or go to a retail store and buy a windows version there. make sure you read the system requirements before purchase.

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There is no WindowsAtivation mentioned anywhere on MyNote Book.


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