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A new iteration of the set-top box, a side-set box. Chromecast connects to your Wi-Fi network to stream content from your compatible device to your television.

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Why is it telling me that my wifi is turned off?

I tried installing my chromecast and it is telling me that my wifi is turned off, which can not be true because it is always on, we have 2 laptops and the ipad which work off the wifi from the main desktop. I am trying to install the chrome cast on our desktop.

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The WiFi has to be local to your desktop. It can't come from the router via Ethernet.

Interestingly enough, on my laptop, when cabled to the router, and with local WiFi disabled, the setup utility finds the network just fine.

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I have the same problem chromecast says wifi turned off yet 2 ipads and nexus workes fine. have a telstra gateway modem about 12ft away from tv.


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