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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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PowerBook DVD+R DL Loads Too Slow

I recently put 10.5 On a DVD+R DL and inserted it into my Powerbook Model A1046. It loaded after quit a long time then I clicked install and restarted the mac it loaded up to the apple logo and stayed there for a long time with the drive making a funny noise like speed up and slow down rapidly but scratchy

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Maybe the DVD is too scratchy for the drive or the drive itself is dirty; I got two MB in the past with non-working superdrive. After vacuum cleaning them and cleaning the lens with a q-tip (carefully) they work like a charme.

Regards, Stone

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That may be it but it playes CD-R with no problem Could the Image file be currupt?


Ah, now I see :-)

I had the "problem" that even with a original retail DVD of Apple the drive was moving a lot its head / lens, in opposite to many other DVDs and CDs.

Of course, if the DVD was made by a image file, the image file might be corrupt; I think this could easily checked by inserting another DVD, e.g. a movie DVD (at least it should state that it can't play the DVD because of encryption).

Regards, Stone


Thanks for your answers I have solved the problem with your help turns out my drive doesn't support dvd dl disks, it will play them but it takes it too long. I have gotten my drive to do what I wanted and solved this problem


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