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Model A1046 or A1095 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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PowerBook g4 15 flashes white lines horizontally in the middle of lcd

I purchased this powerbook not to long ago on ebay listed as for parts I have managed to repair everything except the horizontal white flashing lines that come and go. I don't think its the logic board or GPU because when i connect it to external monitor no lines. I would be very happy if someone helped me out here please. I included a picture so you could see what it is I also replaced the lcd data cable but that didn't fix the issue

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You are correct the problem is not on the logic board but within the LCD panel its self. One of these possibilities is the cause:

  • The LCD driver logic on the back side of the LCD has a bad solder joint
  • The binding of the kapton flex circuit to the LCD has broken free
  • The LCD back glass has a crack in it

In any case you'll need a new LCD screen to fix it.

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Hello recently I came across a fix on the internet that didn't involve purchasing an LCD I tried it and it solved this issue. None of the problems you listed were mine, what had happen to mine was a ribbon cable that transmits light and image across the whole LCD was loose. These cables aren't soldered but glued and the glue wore off. They were loose, all I did was tape them back tightly and I had a perfectly brand new screen. Thanks for your info and help though.


I did put it in "The binding of the kapton flex circuit to the LCD has broken free" ;-{ Sorry I wasn't clear enough. In any case can you accept the answer - thanks!


Thanks for this and I will replace the screen and get back to you to tell you I if it worked, I kinda suspected that it was the lcd but I wanted to be sure.


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