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Why my hp pavilion G6-1118tx is working very slowly?

i bought my hp laptop on 1st aug 2011 for 45,000 and now it is working very slowly.the videos are not playing is hanging for every minute.

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your system might have unwanted programs uninstall all unwanted software...remove cache and temp files...web history...

disable unused programs Control Panel-->All Control Panel Items-->Administrative Tools-->system configuration

and disable programs in services.....

Use CCleaner and Tune Up Utilities 2013 to make ur system faster

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done all of these.then also my system is hanging for every minute,videos are not playing properly hanging in middle.totally my system was hanging for each and every minute.can u plss help me


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Use this tool to see who's hogging your resources like cpu and memory

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Run a quick Malwarebytes scan and see what your find. When results show right click in the check box area and hit select all then remove them. Reboot after and see if that helps. Also you may want to reset your browsers due to hijacks.

Another thing. Here are some examples of PUP (potentially unwanted programs):

MyPC Backup

Inbox Toolbar



MixiDJ toolbar

This list can go on forever...

Good luck.

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