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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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replacing back glass only?

I bought the back glass panel for the nexus 4 thinking it would be simple to swap by itself (as in not the whole cover with the surround) but from the ifixit teardown I'm not seeing how that glass can get swapped; is everything glued to the back glass so replacing just that is going to be very hard?



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I read something about this nexus 4 back glass replacement. I have the same problem and what I read are the following steps:

1- Use a hair dryer heating the breakage back cover glass.

2- Use tweezers to peel the broken glass from the back cover.

3- Clear clean broken glass, put the new back glass lens on the back cover with double-sided adhesive.

An additional step before this steps, what you have to do is removing the wireless charging device. I think that the hair dryer can damage this integrated by the temperature

I have a question about this back glass replacement. is the same quality compared with the original one? and, this back glass comes with the double-sided adhesive in the back of the glass?

I hope it'll serve

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I'll have to give that a shot with the dryer, maybe it'll work well enough. My worry is if that doesn't get the job done I'm out a phone until I get a full back. I wouldn't recommend doing this though and just getting the whole back with nfc and qi. I paid 25 and i'm seeing enire backs for 60, so I don't think buying the glass only would be worth the effort but since I already bought it I guess it's worth a shot.

The glass I got on ebay is exactly the same, it appears to be OEM. It did come with some sort of adhesive paper that had shapes cut out on it; I assumed it was for something like that.


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Try taking the back cover off before using the hair dryer and tweezers so your not messing up anything internally. That's what I'm going to do as I'm in a similar position to yourselves and a new back is too expensive.

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Whoa, that sounds a lot harder than just replacing the whole back cover. You can get a new back including all the electronic components for $65 on ebay. Then you take the sim card and tray out, unscrew the bottom Torx #5 screws, gently wiggle it loose, then place the new back on and screw the two screws back in. Voila!

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