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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB DDR5 Video RAM

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Where are placed the Liquid Submersion Indicators (LSI)?

I recently had a liquid spill on my macbook, and a I want to know if the damage was really serious. Until today, the macbook has any problem.

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Jonathan - we're not here to help defraud anyone - if the liquid spill was enough to damage your machine - Apple will be able to tell. The sensors do get moved around, different colors are used, and some are UV (non visible in "normal" light).

Liquid spills are not covered under warranty

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the markers are in slightly different locations on each range, but you will find one by the trackpad adjustment screw at the bottom, one by the top of the trackpad in the middle, one on the corner of the backlight sheet for the keyboard (by the end of the subwoofer) and one under the corner of the optical/logic dividing bar.

I often use them when completing a liquid spill repair, as it can indicate how far spread the liquid was initially. They will be white when they are untouched, but will go a pinky/red when touched by liquid.

As i do repairs and am not associated with apple, i dont use them to identify whether it will be covered under warranty, it just indicates how deep of a clean needs to be done before rebuilding it around a logic board...

i hope this helps

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As already covered here, liquid really doesn't mix with electronics, but in reality, aside from corrosion, which can degrade with time, its usually the electricity that causes the damage to logic boards, etc. which is why its always a good idea to play it safe and remove batteries, etc immediately after a spill.

You can also use a sonic bath to clean any liquid from a board, but if a component has blown or been damaged by the liquid, it will need to be replaced before it will fully function. (not all faults are immediately apparent, because not all components have to do with basic booting functions, etc)

I always use the sonic bath route when dealing with a liquid spill machine, even if it isn't entirely apparent how far it spread, just to prevent any long term corrosion causing machines to fail in the future


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also, i think apple uses the term 'Genius' very loosely when referring to their staff :-)

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Any spill is serious. Electrons and liquids don't play well together.

Apparently corrosion has built up to the point where it's now a problem.

FWIW The indicators don't point to specific problems... they just tell Apple techs there's been an inordinate amount of moisture inside the case (steam or high humidity can trigger these - liquid need not be present).

Follow the tags at right for more insight into this problem. If you continue to be lucky a good cleaning may "fix" things for you... if corrosion has damaged or caused a short in the logic board only you can determine if this is a fix or part out machine.

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machead3, i did not meant no fraud anyone. I just want to know how serious was the spill because there is no trail of it. I´m very clear that liquid spills are not covered under warranty. Thank's anyway... somebody who really know this?


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Thanks to Jon Ridley! I'm not even covered by warranty but wanted to see if I'd set off the sensors to estimate just how badly I messed up with my morning cup of coffee. That's really helpful. Still a wait and see as machead3 says

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