2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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Is the battery same as the 13" MacBook Pro?

Is the battery on A1342 MacBook the same as the one on the 13" MacBook Pro?

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Which 13" MacBook Pro?


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If you're still unsure of this, here's what I see. If you compare the replacement batteries that iFixIt offers for the A1342 13" Unibody MacBooks with the A1278 13" MacBook Pros, you'll see that each has a different Apple Part Number and Product Code. It also appears that they each have their own distinct design that would make them incompatible with other models. So to answer your question, I'm fairly certain that they are not the same batteries and would not work in models other than those that they were intended to be in. Hope this helps!

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Go here when you know which 13" MacBook Pro you are referring to compare: http://fastmac.com/laptop.php

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yes it is the same

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