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Model A1311 / Mid 2010 / 3.06 & 3.2 GHz Core i3 or 3.6 GHz Core i5 Processor

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Booting / Graphic Problem

Hi everyone,

I have this iMac. It doesn't boot properly: Sometimes it works for a while but then it crashes. After a crash (complete freeze) it doens't boot properly: I have a blank screen with the pointer only and arount the pointer there's some graphical "noise".

After the initial problem I tried and got the system to boot in SAFE MODE. I copied all the files I needed and formatted the drive, reinstalled OSX 10.8.3. Worked fine for a while, same problem now (Just to know: I didn't copy the personal files to make sure the problem wasn't related).

Since the crashes happen after some use and the iMac seems to be very "used" I'm going to disassembly it and clean the interior (suppose is a overheating problem).

Just wanted to know if it is a common problem and if it's related to special components I have to swap (could be GPU?)



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Not to worry most systems don't have warranty coverage, unless Apple has acknowledged they had a problem that they will service for free. I don't know of any extended warranties on this system related to the video.

In this case yes, replacing the logic board out is a viable solution here. Since you've already taken a dip into the deep end you shouldn't have any problems. Just make sure to follow proper ESD practices in the process.

If you got some extra cash see if you can boost your CPU speed on the replacement logic board. Just make sure it's compatible with your given system (maybe going up to an Intel i7).

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Thanks you too.

I was just looking for the card only (ATI Radeon HD 4670) on eBay, price is around 150-200$. I'll inform the "client" (actually, a friend..) and wait for his answer (I assume replacing in an Apple center will be MINIMUM 500$)

Do you know of any other card 100% compatible with the system?


Sorry, no you can't really change the graphics card out with another (custom bd). Given the price difference between a new graphics card Vs a logic bd (and some have a soldered on graphics card). I tend to replace the whole logic board as its just easier. As I said before if this is lower end system and you (your friend) can swing it you might as well upgrade in the process.


If you have the skill to disassemble. you could probably reflow.


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Your Motherboard video has bad / cold solder joints. This is a common problem with your model.


A Video GPU Reflow will solve this problem 95% of the time.

If you have never performed a reflow. Do not attempt it. Get a professional

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It's best to bring this in to an Authorized Apple Service Center or an Apple Store. They can exchange out the logic board.



I just finished to dis and reassembly the entire iMac so I made some experience. So If I don't want to reflow I have to swap the entire logic board?

ps. the uniti has no more warranty


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i just received by logic board after getting it reflowed. The !@#$ thing still does not work?

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