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The fourth Google Nexus smartphone, released November 13, 2012.

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Possibly broken volume down (-) button


My nexus 4 fell over the volume buttons a few days ago. At first moment, the volume down button felt stuck and didn't work, it doesn't make "click" pushing it. Next morning it magically worked as usual, but one day later it is stuck again and only work pushing it strongly (it don't click).

My question is: could the button be broken internally? is it difficult to fix? I have not yet opened the device to inspect it, so I will appreciate some help about how to proceed.

Sorry for my english :) ... I have not much practise.

Thanks and best regards

Congratulations for your great web!!

Luis Miguel

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Hi Luis,

Since you don't hear it click, the problem might be related to either the volume button or one of the switches of the volume button on the small circuit board.

ifixit provides an excellent installation guide how to replace the volume button. It is classified as being easy. So, I would give it a try and buy a new volume button and/or a circuit board.

However, in regard to figuring out if you need both parts or only one of them, I would do the following:

Remove the switch/circuit board of the volume button and lay it on the table (the two round contacts or "eyes" on top). Take a pencil and use the side of the eraser, slightly pushing on each of the two contacts several times. Both contacts need to "click" or at least allow you to "feel" the "click". If this is the case, you can be sure that the volume switch is still ok and you don't need to replace it. I would then check the volume button. Is it broken, smashed/beat-up at one place through the fall?


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