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The second generation of the Mazda 3, also known as the Mazda3 and Mazda Axela, sedan and hatchback series by Mazda.

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D/S window is not working!

I have a (2010) Mazda 3 sedan & my Driver Side window suddenly doesn't work , but the other 3 window works fine. I'm curious if it could be the motor or switch? How do you remove the switch panel as well? Thanks everyone!

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Hi Johnny,

It could be the switch/regulator. I would start from there. Then I would check the motor of the window.

Here are the instructions on how to remove the panel. A guide with images (although for a 2004 model) you find here.

I am not sure if this would fit your model/make and if at all necessary, but check this out.


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Hey, I attached the interior trim workshop manual from Mazda for this specific vehicle



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