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Model A1237 or A1304 / 1.6, 1.8, 1.86, or 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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After water spill, screen has gone black - inverter board?

I had some water splash onto the bottom of my MacBook Air. A day later, the screen is extremely dark, but I can just barely make out the desktop. I'm thinking this means the backlight has been fried? Is this something that can be fixed by replacing the inverter board? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Additional info: I can plug in an external monitor and get a fine image.

Updated question: Can't find a repair guide for fixing the backlight or replacing the inverter board/cable on the MacBook Air. Anyone know of one? Thanks!

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"normally" this can be a inverter or a connector issue - but it can also be some power related problem - the only way to find out is to open the MBA - then you will see whats "shorted"/fried

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Thanks for the reply! I've opened the machine but can't see any obvious marks indicating what might have fried. Any suggestions of what to look for?


did you look in the area where the fluid came into the MBA ?

i use a magnifying glass - that kind what whatchmakers use for my logicboard searches - that way you can see the fried solderings better


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Just wondering if you ever managed to find a solution, I had the exact same thing just happen to me this week. I'm wondering if there is an LCD inverter separate from the mainboard or LCD assembly.

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