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De Microsoft Surface RT (model 1516) is de eerste tablet die door Microsoft is uitgegeven. De tablet werkt op Windows RT, deze versie is speciaal ontworpen om te werken op een tablet. Om deze tablet te repareren heb je schroevendraaiers nodig, alsook gereedschap om hem te openen.

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Can I upgrade RAM?

just it, im wondering if ram memory can be upgraded...cause today 4gb may be enough...but i cant say that next year it will.

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Can you replace the memory , it is not limited by the OS, isn't?


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No, I am afraid not. The 4GB in the system is currently integrated into the board to save space and there are no available slots to connect more RAM. Please refer to the excellent tear-down iFixIt has provided and scroll to set 14 to see the board itself for further insight as to its makings.

Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

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No, sorry it can't be upgraded. I took it to US and tried at Best Buys and couple of other shops. All advised, use it till battery is dead, or as replacement to mobile phone for watching y-tube clips :-)

I am precisely doing so.

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