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7.1 megapixel camera by Canon, model SD750.

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My camera is frozen, won't turn off or on Canon Ixus 75

I was using my camera when suddenly the power died. Normally when this happens the lense retracts, however, the lense has stayed stuck out.

I fully charged the battery (the indicator on the charger changed after a few hours so I believe its full) and tried to use my camera again but no joy, it is doesn't react at all when I press the pwer switch and the lense is still stuck out.

Its been a great camera but is a few years old so unlikely to be worth the cost of sending it back to Canon...

Any suggestions please?

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Simon Hurst, the Ixus 75 was sold as the PowerShot SD750 for the North American market. Anyhow, check the battery door and make sure that it still makes good contact. Also, check the battery contacts inside the battery compartment, make sure that there is no corrosion or foreign debris. You can clean those with high grade of isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. I would also suggest to check the battery itself with a voltmeter to see if it indeed shows the appropriate voltage. If that does not work, it may be time to disassemble the camera, using these guides and to take a closer look.

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sometimes a bit of tin foil (aluminium foil) rolled in a little ball on top of the contacts helps if the contacts have lost their spring, may save disassembly..


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