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Model A1271 / 2 or 4 GB capacity

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been though the wash, help me! can I fix it?


my other half kindly went behind my back and bought me a iPod shuffle for Christmas, its my only source of music within my bus journeys and that so please could some one help.i dont normally take apple things apart because they normally void the warrenty, but i dont think apple will take the blame for my mum washing my iPod

plz plz plz someone help

i will be ever so greatful

thank you


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I'd say it's probably "fried." Usually putting them through the wash ruins the logic board of the iPod, and it's almost definitely not worth replacing on the shuffle, i'd just invest in a new one.

Well you could try fixing it, does have a teardown instructions here: iPod shuffle 3rd Generation Special Edition Teardown for you to follow if you do try.

The part that's probably bad would be the logic board, but i'm not sure where you could buy one of those.

You could try to see if apple would replace it, but usually when it's water damage they'll know and won't cover it. It certainly can't hurt to try, Apple replaces the oddest problems sometimes!

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do you think there is anyway of fixing it or am i trying to fight a already lost battle?

also if all else fails do you think apple make replace it?

thank you for the response i was worried it would take ages for anyone to reply :)


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Do not be scared friend my ipod went through the wash i can only use straight listening instead of shuffle. But my uncle showed me if i put it in a bag of rice or jar then it will be perfectly fine just remember to leave it for about a day or two and DONT eat the rice!


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