13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Keyboard keys have to be pressed hard to type

The laptop had been working fine since I bought it, but just recently the keys have to be pressed very hard to have them respond in whatever application I am working in. Nothing was ever spilled.

Thank you for your help

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My best guess would be the keyboard connector cable. It probably needs to be reseated and taped in place. Also see this thread: Certain Keys not working on Keyboard

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I had this problem as well with my newly bought MacBook Pro 2017. I did the following steps and the 'N' key on the keyboard is working fine now:

STEP 1: Goto System Preference

STEP 2: Click Accessibility

STEP 3: Click Keyboard

STEP 4: Turn on 'Enable Slow Keys' and then turn it back off

STEP 5: Turn on 'Enable Sticky Keys' and then turn it back off

I hope this works for you.

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This worked, Not sure why.


i tried it my shift key is still broken any more ideas


Great--- thank you so much! it worked perfectly. I spent over 4 hours trying to figure it out. very thankful.


have to do it several times.... the only key not working was the "n"


it works for me, suddenly the one "n" which was hard to press sounded little bit break after I did like what you said, then it works perfectly after that sound. Thank you so much! I was scared when though I needed to bring my laptop to the store :D


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It might be because of you putting it on a certain setting. Go on system preferences, click on accessabilty then press keyboard and turn of slow keys.

Hope this works

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Well done.thanks a lot


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