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7" multimedia tablet by Barnes & Noble, released in November of 2011. Fixes are easy and require simple prying tools and screwdrivers.

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My nook won't charge.

Is there a way to replace the power input on the bottom of the unit? When I plug in the power cord it doesn't sit properly. I bought a new cable and have the same issue.

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I also have this problem. I am now the proud owner of 3 cables but the unit does not charge


My phone goes to green for four to five seconds then orange for one to three seconds and go off... ill leave it on charge and it will start flashing red on and off ... I dont understand why


I have the same problem (green yellow and red). My nook does not have the same back panel as shown in the tutorial, there's no corner piece to lift. Any ideas?


yours is probably a newer one or a different size, if your start at the front lower left corner and lift the bezel off you will see from that point on it is the same instructions as the video


my Nook is the HD Model from about 5 years ago and it is my favorite toy! is there any help for this model?? I am having the same problems as listed aboveand I JUST PURCHASED my 3 power cord yesterday. Thanks for any help


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I wanted to go on my tablet/nook and it wouldn't turn on. when i plugged it in it goes green for a couple of seconds and it went orange for about 5 seconds and went off, i have left it over night and see if it could get enough power to turn on and it didn't i even put it on charge for 2-3 months.

i left it for a day and i plugged it back in and it stayed green for about 3-4 minutes and turned off again because i had it at a angle.

my dad bought a new nook charger lead and hopefully it works.

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This happening to me too.Its so frustrating.I might visit Barnes & Nobles to see what they can do.


It seems to be a big problem for this model Nook. I am looking for a new charging port and I hope that's all it will take to fix it.


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Anthony, here is the teardown for the Nook Tablet. It does show you how to get to the connector. It appears to be soldered to the board. Once you have the tablet apart, you may have to scour places like or to find a match for the part.

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