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The Canon Bubblejet i80 is a portable color inkjet printer. It was discontinued and replaced with the Canon Model 8582A001.

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It will not feed and making loud sound

My problem is I have a canon i80 which I have not use for over 2 years. I find that it's not feeding the paper and will attempt to but, it makes a loud grinding sound and then everything stops. What is the problem and how to fix it? Please help

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Make sure that nothing has dropped into the feeder, also see if you can unplug the printer, open the door where the ink cartridge is and see if they will move on the running bar. Gently push them from side to side, if they don't move at all, you might need to get a new printer from Walmart or something. Since you have not used this printer in 2 years I would just recommend doing that if you don't want to troubleshoot it...

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I had this same problem and it turned out to be a broken drive gear of the paper feed mechanism. These are plastic gears and mine split from teeth in to the center. Has to be replaced.

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