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Student-Contributed Wiki

Wiki met studentenbijdrage

Een fantastische student van ons educatieprogramma heeft deze wiki gemaakt. Deze wordt niet bijgehouden door het team van iFixit.

Zenithink ZTPAD ZT280 C91 Troubleshooting

This guide contains information on how to fix problems such as freezing and crashing apps, swiftly draining battery, and apps running slowly.

Freezing and Crashing Apps

Apps are freezing or crashing while in use, prohibiting usage.

Why Apps Freeze

Why to update apps regularly

Most of the time apps freeze or crash because they need to be updated. To avoid these problems, simply keep your apps up to date.

How to Update an App

To update an app go to the Google Play Store app, then select menu, then select Auto-update apps. Here you will choose the option to for apps to automatically update using data, or only when connected to wifi.

Weak Internet Connection

Weak internet connection can also be the cause of an app not running smoothly. Check the internet connection before making any changes in your settings.

Fixing apps in settings

Freezing Apps

If apps are freezing or running slowly while in use, first try to turn the app off, and then relaunch it.

To turn off an app launch the applications menu, tap and hold the app, and swipe to the right. If the app is still running slowly. Go to settings, then the all apps tab, select the app you want to turn off, then tap force stop.

Apps Crashing While in Use

If an app is continuously crashing while in use, first go to settings and select apps. Then select the App that is crashing and hit clear cache, then force stop. Then relaunch the app.

Battery Draining Too Fast

Your battery is draining very quickly under normal use

Background Processes

You may have many apps installed that run in the background that will drain your battery when you aren’t even using them. To close these apps, hit the button with four squares on your device, and it will pull up the currently active apps. Hit the little x in the top corner, and it will close the app.

Developer Settings

If the devices battery is still draining too fast, you can enable developer settings by going to Settings > Device Info and tap the Build Number field 6-10 times, and it should prompt you asking if you want to enable developer settings. Select yes, and then under the new developer settings field, there will be a category that says Inactive Apps. Select that option, and you can select which programs are never allowed to run in the background.

Warning: do not limit apps like messages that you would like to receive notifications from.

Slow Apps

Apps are uploading and or working slow

How to Fix

If your apps are acting slow to get started then you should first try turning it off with a hard reset. Which helps the tablet refresh and start up again. The way to do this is: hold the power button down for at least 30 seconds.

Updating the tablet

If turning the tablet off then on isn’t working then check for any updates. Usually updates help improve the tablets speed and bugs it might have.

Full storage

The tablets storage might have filled up its capacity of the memory card. Sometimes it might be useless apps or apps you don’t even use anymore. If that’s not the case, then you can just buy a bigger memory card and replace the old one.

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