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Laptop Won't Turn On

I have tried everything and for some reason the laptop won't turn on.

Drained/Bad Battery

If your laptop will only turn on when the computer is plugged in to an outlet, this is likely your problem. To be sure, check that both ends of the charger are plugged in properly to a working outlet and the computer. Also, try removing the battery and plugging in your computer. If your computer works when it is plugged in, with or without the battery installed, but will not work with the battery alone, check the connection from the battery to the computer. If the battery is positioned properly and the metal connectors that transfer the battery power to the computer are all intact, it looks like you might need a new battery.

Click Here For Battery Removal Guide

Check if your battery is still under warranty but if not, take it to a local Toshiba, computer repair, or Best Buy store to be sure. You don't want to pay over $100 for a new battery if, by some chance, it is not the problem.

Bad DC Jack

If your laptop will not turn on at all, even when plugged in, these are good possibilities. Just in case, be sure that both ends of the charger are plugged in properly to a working outlet and the computer.

Bad AC Adapter

Fixing common adapter malfunctions:

Unplug AC adapter, remove the battery, and hold down the power button for one minute. Put the battery back in and power up.

If it still doesn’t work, remove the battery, and hold down the power button for a minute. Now try only plugging in the AC adapter and powering up.

If it still doesn’t work, remove the AC adapter, hold down the power button for a minute, plug both the battery and AC adapter in, and power up.

WIFI Stops Working After A Few Minutes

After using the internet for a few minutes, my connection stops working and I am no longer connected to the internet.

Replace Wireless Card

If your internet only works for a few minutes, you may need to replace your wireless card.

Refer to repair manual to see how to do this. (Click Here)

Power-Saver/Adapter Settings

Energy Saver or Power options can be set to turn off certain applications or internal devices in order to save battery power. Before you resort to replacing anything, make sure your WIFI problems aren't a result of these settings.

Adapter Setting

1. Open your Control Panel and enter the "Device Manager".

2. Click on "Network Adapters", right-click on your wireless adapter, and select "Properties".

-While in Properties, check that your adapter settings match your WIFI router settings

3. Click on the Power Management tab - un-heck "Allow the Computer to turn off this device to save Power."

4. Click "Okay" and exit the Device Manager.

Power Options

1. From the "Control Panel", enter "Power Options".

2. Click on "Change Plan Settings for your currently selected Power Plan".

3. Click on "Change Advanced Power Settings" on the bottom of the window.

4. Scroll down the list, and open out Wireless Adapter Settings>Power Saving Mode.

5. Change both drop menu selections to Maximum Performance.

6. Click "Apply" and exit out.

Keyboard is Unresponsive

I am typing, but it doesn't register on the laptop.

Liquid Damage

Keyboards are very sensitive to liquid and sometimes even high humidity. If you recently spilled something or tried to clean your keyboard with some solution that is not specifically meant for keyboards, you likely have liquid damage. This could cause striking keys to produce multiple characters instead of just one or an unresponsive keyboard all together.

If only certain keys are unresponsive, use a keyboard cleaner and try to carefully clean out anything that might be keeping the key from being pressed. If this doesn't work, replace the keyboard. There are pictures of how to do this that can be easily found through the device page.

If the keyboard and track-pad are both completely unresponsive, your problem may lie in your logic board.

Click Here For Keyboard Removal Guide

Accidentally Enabled "FilterKeys"

This could cause unresponsiveness or it could cause characters to disappear when typing behind them. To disable Filterkeys,

-Hold down the RIGHT Shift key for at least 8-10 seconds and that should disable it


-open the accessibility tool and disable filter keys from there

Laptop Is Hot to The Touch

I am doing light work on the laptop, but it is getting uncomfortably hot.

Conserve Power

Change the Vista power options to Power Saver (when doing normal [not CPU intensive] work : i.e. web browsing, listening to music, word processing etc..)

Let it Ventilate Properly

-Use a notebook cooling pad.

-Always keep the notebook on a flat hard surface like on a table (don’t keep it on a bed or a sofa, this might block the cooling vents underneath the notebook).

Laptop is Not Recognizing the CD/DVD Drive

I insert a CD into the laptop, but the laptop does not even show I inserted a CD.

Corrupt/Missing Driver

1. Go to your Control Panel.

2. Select Device Manager .

3. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives.

4. Double-click device.

5. Choose "Driver" tab.

6. Click "Update Driver" just to make sure that your driver is up to date.

7. Then go back to the Device Manager, expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, and right-click the device listed.

8. Select "Uninstall".

9. Then click "Scan for hardware changes" or just restart your computer to re-install the driver.


This issue may have occurred due to a program that you may have installed, uninstalled, or updated. If this is the case, try doing a system restore if you have a restore point when the driver was once working.

1. Go to Start, then choose Accessories.

2. Click System Tools, then System Restore.

Loud Grinding Noise When CD/DVD is Inserted

When I enter a CD into the laptop, there is a loud grinding sound as if the CD is becoming damaged.

Defected Disc

If your computer makes a loud grinding noise when you insert your CD/DVD, or it ejects your disc without reading it, first check to see if there are any damages on the disc itself. Look out for excessive scratches, or any warping. If you don't see any visible signs of damage, try a different disc and see if it produces the same noise. If it doesn't make the same noise, then the problem is most likely the CD/DVD itself and not the computer.

Problem With CD/DVD Drive

The drive may be damaged, which could lead to a loud noise when a disc is inserted. It may have collected a lot of dust over time, so simply cleaning it may solve your problem.

It may also just be that the drive is old, and has been worn out, so it has to be replaced.

Burning a Disc

If your computer does not make the noise except for when you are burning a disc, this might solve your problem. In order to burn a CD/DVD, the drive must spin at an extremely fast rate. This causes the computer to vibrate, and air to get sucked into the drive, therefore resulting in a grinding noise. If the noise is very bothersome and you want to get rid of it, lower the burning speed. It may take longer, but the noise will most likely cease.

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