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Student-Contributed Wiki

Wiki met studentenbijdrage

Een fantastische student van ons educatieprogramma heeft deze wiki gemaakt. Deze wordt niet bijgehouden door het team van iFixit.

Sony α6500 troubleshooting

This page will help you troubleshoot with any problems regarding the Sony a6500

Lens Doesn't Go On Completely

If this happens just simply remove the screws holding the lens and tighten them after you put them back.

Video on 4K Doesn't Work

It's crashing, it's overheating, it's a mess. What to do??

There are a few tricks to get around the overheating issue:

Firstly, set the Auto Power OFF Temp. setting to High instead of Standard, which you can do inside of the Setup menu. This step will increase the camera body’s temperature tolerance so that you can shoot for longer before the unit has to shut down and cool off.

Another simple technique is to open up the LCD screen and move it away from the camera body, allowing hot air to dissipate out of the device more easily.

Alternatively, using an external recorder can take the workload off the camera’s processor, thus enabling you to shoot for an extended amount of time.

Troubleshooting for lens cap jam Sony Alpha 6500

-Try pressing the two buttons of the cap and turn the cap to the right. Use a blunt face object to remove the lens cap.

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