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Samsung P241 Troubleshooting

DVD player cannot read disc

Nothing happens when the disc is put in or there is an error message on the screen.

Disc problems

If the DVD player won't play the DVD, there might be a problem with the disc. Open the DVD drive and check to make sure that a disc is present. If a disk is indeed present, turn the disc over and inspect the bottom (mirrored side) for any scratches, dust, or other foreign debris. Use a soft cloth or a cotton swab to wipe the disc off. Reinsert the disc and see if it plays.

Laser problems

If the disc is clean, there might be a problem with the laser. Open the DVD drive, use a flashlight to spot the laser (the blue circle in the middle of the image), then use an anti-static, anti-scratch cloth to wipe it clean. To replace the broken laser, refer to the laser repair guide.

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Remote does not work

Nothing happens on the screen when you press the buttons on the remote.

Bad batteries

If the remote is not working, make sure there are batteries inside. You can check to see if they still have power by using a voltmeter, or just replace the batteries with new ones. Make sure the batteries are facing the correct way in the remote by looking at the diagram and matching the + and - sides with the picture.

Bad sensor

If the batteries are new, the remote sensor might be the problem. Make sure the remote sensor is not blocked by an object either on the remote or in front of the sensor on the DVD player. The remote will not work if you are farther than 20 feet from the DVD player.

Reset remote

If neither of the above solutions work, try to reset the remote. Take out the batteries and hold down one or more buttons for several minutes to drain the remote of power. Reinstall new batteries and see if it responds.

Disc tray does not come out

The disc tray will not come out of the DVD player.

Machine is OFF

The disc tray will not come out if the DVD player is off. Check to see if the machine is powered on. If the green light on the left side is lit, it is on. If the red light on the right side is lit, it is off.

Disc tray is jammed

If the DVD player is turned on but the disc tray still does not come out, the disc tray may be jammed. If you can hear the a whirring or grinding sound coming from the machine, the motor is probably trying to push out the tray but is being stopped. Check the front of the tray to make sure there is nothing blocking the tray and nothing jammed in the edges of the tray. To fix the disc tray, see the disc tray repair guide.

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Audio does not work

The DVD player works but there is no sound.

Volume turned down

If the DVD is playing but there is no sound, the volume on the TV may be off. Check that the volume on the TV or speakers is turned up. Check that your sound system is not on mute. If the TV or speakers are off there will be no sound.

AV cable problems

If the volume is turned up there may be a problem with the AV (audio cables). Make sure that the AV are snugly plugged into the right spots on both ends of the cable. Make sure that they are not damaged throughout their entire length. If checking the current cable yields no results, try a new AV cable that is compatible with your TV or speakers by checking the user manual or talking to an electronics store employee.

DVD player does not turn on

Turning the power on yields no results.

Power cable problem

The DVD player may not turn on if there is a problem with the power cable. Check that the power cable is plugged into a power outlet properly and if the problem persists, swap the cable with another working power cable to see if it fixes the problem. To fix the power cable, see the power cable repair guide.

Bad motherboard

If the DVD player does not respond in any way when the power is switched on, the DVD player may need a new motherboard. To replace the motherboard, see the motherboard repair guide.

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my dvd player works fine but i can't get it to input to the tv. how do i resolve this?

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