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Polaroid a520 Troubleshooting

Camera freezes

The buttons won't do anything, the screen won't change

LCD screen

If the screen freezes and the buttons won't do anything it could be the LCD screen is frozen. Remove the batteries and reinstall them, then turn the camera back on.

Electrostatic discharge

If the screen is blank and the buttons don't work it could be it is affected by an electrostatic discharge. Try removing the batteries, waiting 10 seconds, then reinstalling them again.

The camera shuts off

The camera either will not turn on or shuts itself off

Dead battery

If the battery is dead the camera may turn off suddenly any any time, including when the self-timer is counting down. If an image will not record when you press the shutter button, or the camera will not turn on at all it could also be a dead battery. Replace the batteries and try again.

Wrongly oriented batteries

If the camera does not turn on after replacing batteries they could be oriented wrong. Check to make sure the positive matches with the plus symbol and the negative matches the minus symbol.

Pictures won't erase

The camera won't erase the pictures you tell it to

Pictures are locked

If the camera will not erase the pictures it could be that they are all locked. Unlock the pictures by going to the playback mode and pressing the m button. Go down to the picture of the key, press the over button and move up or down to unlock all pictures or just the specific one.

Pictures won't save

The camera will not save the pictures you take to the memory card

Dead battery

If the camera turned off before the saving was complete it will not save the pictures. To prevent this replace the batteries as soon as the low battery light flashes.

Moved memory card

If the memory card was removed, or disconnected before the saving was complete the camera will not save the pictures. Make sure you don't pull out the memory card before the camera saves the picture and that the card is fully inserted.

Full memory

If there is no memory card in the camera the internal memory could be full. Try putting a memory card in the camera next to the batteries. If there is already a memory card inserted it also could be full, try removing some pictures by deleting or moving them to a computer

Pictures won't upload

The pictures will not upload to the computer

Loose connection

Check to make sure that all connections are secure between the camera and the computer, including the USB ports. If you are using the memory card ensure that the card is fully inserted into the computer.

Driver not installed

The Polaroid Digital Camera Driver must be installed to upload the pictures from the camera's memory.

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Need Polaroid A520 Drivers for Windows 7 or link please & thank you.

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