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Een fantastische student van ons educatieprogramma heeft deze wiki gemaakt. Deze wordt niet bijgehouden door het team van iFixit.

NuVision TM1088 Troubleshooting

Device will not power on

No matter what you do, you can't get your NuVision Tablet to turn on.

The device is not charged

Check to see if the device is charged. Take a look at the "Getting Started section in the Nuvision TM1088 Manual. This will show you how to charge the device.Try plugging the device in and try powering on. If it turns on while plugged in you need to replace the battery.Here is the Battery replacement guide.

The device needs to be reset

To reset the device, press the power button and the volume down button and hold both of them for 10 seconds. Once the tablet turns on it enters the Reboot screen. Scroll down to “Wipe Data/Reset”.

Device has no display

Your tablet turns on, but there is no display.

The screen is broken

This would imply that you need to replace your screen.

The back light is broken

If the screen is faintly visible the back light could be broken, while the screen could still be functional.

Device has no sound

There is no sound coming from the device.

The volume is turned off

The volume might be set to "0".Make sure the volume is turned up and check the settings. The Nuvision TM1088 Manual can show you were to find the volume buttons. In the manual, scroll down to the "Function overview section". The 6th part will show you how to adjust the volume. Part 6a and 6b show you how to turn the volume up and down respectivley.

Headphone jack is not clear

Make sure the headphone jack is clear from debris. If there is still no sound you may need to replace the speaker. Take a look at the Speaker Replacement Guide.

Device camera is not functioning

The camera cannot take pictures or has no display.

The camera lens is blocked off

Check to see if anything is blocking the lens. Make sure there is sufficient lighting. If the camera still isn't functioning you may need to replace the camera. Take a look at the Camera replacement guide for more information.

Device will not stay charged

The battery life is very short and the device quickly runs out energy.

Wasting battery life

Make sure the device is fully charged before unplugging. Make sure all programs are closed when the device is not in use or else they will continue to run in the background and consume battery resources. The batteries should last for 5-6 hours if the energy is properly conserved.

Faulty battery

If the battery still will not stay charged you may need to replace your battery. Also, a good way to tell if your battery is faulty is if the tablet can turn on without being plugged to an adapter. If your tablet only turns on when it is plugged to an adapter, the battery is probably defective. Once again the Battery replacement guide can help you with this issue.

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Only had my new tablet for maybe 3 months and it's barely used. Quite literally, it was working one day, it sat for a couple on my nothing works :( Hope they have a good exchange policy. Please email me if there's anything else anyone can suggest @

bonniejoynson - Antwoord

Did you every find away to turn it back on? If so, can you help me out..

xzandraashby -

Well my problem isn't here.... I do the reset and all I get is, entering Dnx mode. Waiting for fastboot command...????

Robert Tufts - Antwoord

I sent my to repair 4 times in 11 months and still will not turn on

Peter Scott Scott -

Hold power and volume up not down scroll down to recover using the volume down button and power to select it then scroll down to factory reset then scroll down to yes then reboot

joshua -

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