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Nokia 3360 Troubleshooting

Nokia 3360 won't turn on

Battery Issues

The phone may not have a battery or the battery is not charged. Open the back case of the phone and check if there is a battery. If not, obtain a replacement and charge fully before turning on. If there is a battery, try charging the phone and if it still doesn't hold a charge, a replacement will be needed also.

Phone won't charge

AC Adapter Issues

If the phone and charger are not properly connected, it will not charge. Securely connect the phone to the charger. If this doesn't work, then the charger may not be properly plugged into outlet. Check the charger to see if it is properly connected to outlet. If the problem persists a new charger might be needed.

Battery Issues

The battery might not work or might be dead. Replacing the battery will fix either issue.

Phone can't make or recieve calls

Battery Issues

The battery may not be charged. If so, fully charge phone and restart the phone before making or recieving calls.

Bad Signal

The area that you are trying to make or recieve call(s) from may be a dead zone or a low signal area. To fix, move away from possible signal disrupters(i.e. if indoors move towards windows or outdoors).

Phone can't check voicemail

Service Plan Issues

Your service plan may not include the voicemail feature or may not be established with service provider. Please call your wireless service provider for more information or to establish voicemail.

Password Issues

If you are getting incorrect voicemail password entry, try to use other password(s) or call your service provider to recover the password.

Incorrect Voicemail Number

Your voicemail number may be incorrect. Call your service provider for the correct number.

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