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Microsoft Zune 80 GB Troubleshooting

This second generation Zune MP3 player comes complete with the touch-sensing Zune pad, a larger 3.2 inch screen, and a wireless synching feature.

Where to start

Most of the common operation errors, such as the Zune freezing, music not playing, etc., can fixed by restarting the device.

Restarting the device

Restarting the Zune is simple. First, make sure that the hold button located on the top left corner is in the unlocked position. Then, press and hold the back button while pressing the top of the Zune pad. Release the buttons when the Zune begins to restart.

Battery issues

The Zune's battery doesn't seem to charge or charges slowly.

Troubleshooting steps

There are several things to try in the case of a battery issue. First, charge the Zune for at least 30 minutes and then disconnect and reconnect it to the computer to turn the Zune on. If this does not work, try connecting the usb cable to a different port on the computer. Make sure that the computer you're charging the Zune with is plugged in and not running on battery power. Again, if this does not work try charging your Zune using a Zune AC adapter or car charger. If you are still having problems you may need to replace the battery.

How to maximize battery life.

Make sure to keep the Zune's software up to date. Fully charge your Zune before every long period of use. You can also lower the brightness of the backlight and shorten the amount of time it stays on.

Touchpad/button issues

Zune doesn't respond when the touchpad or a button is pressed.

Troubleshooting steps

Make sure the hold button is in the off position. If the hold switch was on, switch it off and press the play button to wake the Zune up. Next, try restarting the device. If this still does not work, try plugging the Zune into a power source. The battery may be too low to respond properly. Make sure your software is up to date. If this doesn't work your device may have a button or mother board problem that requires replacement.

Hard drive issues

Many problems such as system freezing, error messages, and loss of music can be caused by hard drive problems.

Troubleshooting steps

Many of the steps for troubleshooting the Zune 80's hard drive are the same as the steps above. Make sure the Zune's battery is sufficiently full before use. If the system freezes, try restarting the device by pressing and holding the back arrow button. Also, make sure the device's software is up to date. As a last resort you can back up your music and restore the Zune's software which can be done through Microsoft's website. If problems persist, you may need to replace the hard drive.

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my new plug in charger fits snug and tight. my zune 120 gb .will not not charge. if i plug it into my kicker, it charges just fine. the zune is 10 years old and I have never changed the battery. do you think it's new battery time? thanks

Pam Wright - Antwoord

hey i have a ten year old 120 zune too :) but yeah if it charges other places but not with that its the charger try and get another original zune cable and plug it into a usb ac adaptor

brad -

Here is the answer all are looking for. When your Zune has been dead for a time and will not charge at all. (Black screen with no battery icon) Sit with it in your lap and plug it in for 20 seconds then disconnect for 20 seconds. repeat several times and your device will begin to charge after several connect/disconnect cycles. Reason: The battery needs a small charge to initiate the charging circuit in the zune. When the battery is completely dead, there is no charge to start charging. When you first plug it in, a small burst of charge gets through before the circuit disables the charge as a protection. (It associates no internal voltage as a bad or missing battery.) So, connecting and disconnecting repeatedly will charge the battery very slightly each time, eventually retaining enough charge to allow the circuit to begin a standard charge. Your welcome. Cheers.

Wayne Curtis - Antwoord

When I turned on my Zune 80G this afternoon, after using it last week it didn’t work.

I selected ‘shuffle all’ like always and it just cycles through the entire play list without playing any of my songs. The radio works just fine; but not the Zune, bought and paid for music.

Any ideas?

BillEllis - Antwoord

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