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LG VX7000 Troubleshooting

Phone Won't Turn On

Dead Battery

If your phone is unresponsive to attempts to turn it on, the battery may be dead. Plug the phone into the wall charger via the power adapter located on the bottom of the phone. If the phone is charging, the LED indicator will blink red. Once the phone is charge, the LED indicator will be a constant green color

If the LED indicator does not turn on when the phone is plugged into the power adapter, the battery may be dead and a replacement must be purchased. See 'Replacing a Battery' for instructions.

Bad Power Plug

If you have successfully replaced you phone's battery, and the phone still will not charge, you may have a faulty power adapter. Purchase a new power adapter and repeat above steps.

If both the battery and power adapter are good, you may have a dysfunctional power plug. This is the port where you connect the power adapter to the cell phone. See 'Replacing a Power Plug' for instructions on how to replace this piece.

External LCD Dysfunctional

If the phone appears to be turned off because of the external LCD screen is black, but when you open the phone, it is in fact turned on, there may be a problem with the LCD screen. Try powering the phone off and then back on. If this does not solve the problem, the screen may need to be replaced. See the guide for ‘Replacing External LCD Screen’ for replacement instructions.

If replacing the external LCD screen fails to solve this problem, the logic board may be dysfunctional. If this is the case, you will need to replace the logic board. See ‘Replacing the Logic Board’ for step by step instructions.

External LCD Screen Black

Phone Not Turned On

To turn the phone on hold the green phone button until the screen illuminates.

Dysfunctional External LCD

This may be the result of a cracked screen or an internal problem. This can be fixed by replacing the screen. To do this see your user manual or our guide on replacing the screen. LINK HERE

Bad Logic Board

If replacing the LCD does not work then it may be a problem with the logic board. This will require replacing the logic board. See your instruction manual for directions on doing this.

Keypad Malfunctioning

Missing Keypad Buttons

This is a common problem with older phones. You can easily tell if this is your issue by unfolding your phone and checking to see if any of the original keys are missing. You can check this by comparing your phone to the phone image on the original packaging. Once you have determined that you are missing keys you will need see (KEYPAD REPLACEMENT GUIDE)

Phone Turned Off

This is a common misunderstanding. Your phone may not be responding because it is in the Off-mode. If this is the case you will need to hold down the red End button for 3 seconds or until the screen lights up. Once the phone is on your keypad should function normally.

Dead Battery

If the previous two solutions did not solve your problem it is possible that your battery is dead. If this is the case you will need to see (BATTERY REPLACEMENT GUIDE)

Bad Logic Board

If your phone still isn’t responding then your logic board may be faulty and need replacing. To make this replacement see (LOGIC BOARD REPLACEMENT GUIDE)

Inability to hear

If no one can hear you, your microphone may be broken.If you cannot hear anything while trying to make a call, your earpiece may be broken.

Phone Off

If you cant hear anything the phone may be turned off. Locate the power button. Hold down button to turn on phone. If phone wont turn on see(REPLACE BATTERY GUIDE)

Low Volume / Mute

If you still cant hear anything and the phone is turned on. Than it might be possible that your volume for the earpiece might be all the way down. Another possibility could be the volume is actually set on mute. Locate the volume control button and change it to the desired volume for your comfort.

Broken earpiece

If all other aspects of the phone seem to still appear to be functioning but there is no sound from the phone's ear speaker than either a solder contact has broken, or a failure of the ear speaker itself has occurred. If re-soldering the speaker's contacts doesn't fix the problem, then the speaker unit will likely have to be replaced.

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