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LG VX5200 Troubleshooting

Phone won't turn on / Phone turns off when unplugged

Your phone will not start up.

Missing battery

Remove the back cover and make sure the battery is inserted. If not, insert a battery and try turning the phone on again.

Dead battery

Make sure the battery is inserted properly with the positive and negative sides matching. Plug the charger in to the phone and let the phone charge for five minutes, then try turning the phone on again. If the cell phone still doesn’t turn on, your battery may be dead.

Phone turns on but the screen does not function properly

Your screen is illegible, black, solid blue, or cracked.

Broken screen

If the screen appears to have cracks or any any form of damage, it needs to be replaced.

Turn the phone completely off and then turn it back on, if no images appear on the screen, the screen itself may need to be completely replaced.

One alternative that could bring the images back is to disassemble all of the components of the phone. Allow the parts to settle for 1 to 2 hours and then reassemble these parts back together and try turning on the phone.

Damaged screen portion of flip phone

Sometimes it may not be the actual screen that is damaged on the cell phone but rather the top cover/face plate of the flip phone. Begin by examining your cell phone and seeing if only the screen is malfunctioned or the entire top part of the cell phone does not work (i.e. looking for functioning parts other than the screen). If you are able to find the location of where the cell phone does not work, you will be better able to determine the problem.

Bad logic board

The main board of the phone is not functioning properly and needs to be replaced. This is most likely to be the case if the screen is intact and the phone has not suffered from any notable falls or impacts.

Broken hinge

The hinge that connects the screen of this flip phone to the body could be damaged or broken. This could prevent any power and data from reaching the LCD screen, making it appear to be broken. Check the hinge for any structural defects or weakness. If any problems are found, the screen may be detached from the body.

Cannot hear anything / No one can hear me

If you cannot hear anything when placing a call, your earpiece may be broken. If no one can hear you, your microphone may be broken.

Broken earpiece

If all other aspects of the phone still appear to be functioning but there is no sound from the phone's ear speaker than either a solder contact has broken, or a failure of the ear speaker itself has occured. If resoldering the speaker's contacts doesn't fix the problem, the speaker unit will likely have to be replaced.

Broken microphone

If all other aspects of the phone still appear to be functioning but you cannot be heard over the phone than either a solder contact has broken, or a failure of the microphone unit itself has occured. If resoldering the microphone's contacts doesn't fix the problem, the microphone unit will likely have to be replaced.

Speakerphone function does not work

Your phone does not project any sound when this function is turned on

Broken external speaker

If the call sounds garbled or improper or if there is no sound at all when the speakerphone function is turned on, the speaker on the front of the phone needs to be replaced.

Cannot use the keypad to input anything into the phone

Your phone turns on and works as expected except the keypad does not work and you cannot input numbers or letters into any of the phone's applications.

A foreign object may be stuck under one of the keys

If an object gets under a key or keypad, it may block one of the buttons from making contact with the electrical switch that is found directly under the button. If there is a bump in your key pad or one of the buttons is clearly in contact with something under it, than you may have a foreign object lodged between your keypad and phone.

The keypad may be misaligned

This will prevent the keypad from making contact with the electrical switch underneath. This could be caused by a sudden impact, dropping your phone for example, that shifted one or more of your keys out of place. Usually you can tell the keypad may be misaligned when some of your buttons appear to be sunk in or out too far. Many times this can be fixed by pushing or pulling the buttons back into place without opening up your phone.

Phone turns on but does not function as expected

Your phone freezes, restarts itself, loses information, or fails to make calls or perform any other standard function.

Firmware error

The phone's software may be dysfunctional. If the phone locks up or fails to perform any other basic task, the software may have a bug or memory leak. Check with Verizon Wireless to make sure your phone has the proper firmware release.

Phone cannot connect or get service

Your phone cannot make calls or receive any signal.

Activation Required

The phone needs to be activated with Verizon in order to work. To do so dial *228 and follow the instructions of the automated voice machine.

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I dropped my flip phone and the battery fell out. I put it back in and tried turning it on and the LG Life's Good keep blinking on and off.

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