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Kyocera Hydro Vibe Troubleshooting

Kyocera Hydro Vibe is a waterproof touch screen phone with a 4.5inch impact-resistant screen and Smart Sonic receiver technology

Cannot connect to Wifi

You have trouble connecting to the internet, browsing websites, sending or receiving multimedia messages, sending or receiving emails, or accessing internet content with applications.

Mobile data may not be enabled

Access to mobile data may not be enabled. To check this, tap the ‘All apps’ icon on the home screen and scroll to and tap ‘Setting’. From there, tap ’More’ and then tap ‘Mobile Networks’. Tap to check for ‘Data Enabled’.

Your device may not be connected to the Virgin Mobile data network

Find and tap the ‘All Apps’ icon and then tap ’My Account’. Swipe left to open the ’Device Diagnostics’ page. If your data network is in the ‘Passed’ section then your phone is connected to the Virgin Mobile data network. If your data network is in either the ’Failed’ or ‘Flagged’ section then you need to update the profile. To do this, from the ’Device Diagnostics’ page, tap ’Data Network’ and then tap ’Update Profile’. When the update has completed, tap ’OK’.

You may need to reset your connection to Virgin Mobile data connection

Note: This will not erase any data from your phone.

Once on the home screen, tap ’Phone’. Dial ##72786# and tap ’Yes’. Your phone will restart. Following the restart, your phone will begin to automatically initiate Hands Free Activation. After Hands Free Activation, your phone should be ready for use. If this does not resolve the issue, contact Virgin Mobile Customer Care.

The phone slows down, freezes and turns off

The phone keeps functioning slowly, freezes, turns off or restarts unexpectedly, displays error messages or is unable to install or update applications. Due to these issues, please try each of these five steps to fix one of the given issues.

There is an issue with the SD card

First, go to the home screen and tap ‘All Apps’ and go to ‘Settings’.Then tap on ‘Storage’ and then tap on ‘Unmount SD card’. Then tap ‘OK’. After that, you can turn off your phone and remove the battery and the SD card. Then finally you can reinsert the battery and turn your phone back on. To access this repair guide follow Kyocera Hydro Vibe SIM Card Replacement.

The phone has low memory

First go to ‘All Apps’ icon, then tap on ‘My Account’. Next step is swipe to the left and open ‘Device Diagnosis’, then tap ‘Storage’. Finally refer to ‘Total Available Storage’ in the overview section to see if you phone has low memory.

The application Cache memory is full

The application cache file takes up memory so clearing it will free up space in the phone. Make sure you clear up the application cache and not the application data. Clearing out the application cache will not clear your personal setting or information. To do this, go to ‘My Account’ and open ‘Device Diagnosis’. You then tap ‘Power Usage’ and then ‘Battery Usage’. Next tap an application then tap ‘App Info’ and finally tap ‘Clear App’.

An application in the background is running

Some of the apps that you had pulled up is running in the background and is not currently being used. Some of the apps that you use take up more energy than other apps. To do this, go to ‘My Account’ and tap on ‘Device Diagnosis’. Then Tap ‘Power Usage’ and then tap ‘Battery Usage’. Finally, you can tap on the app that you want to close or uninstall. To close an app, just tap ‘Force Stop’. To Uninstall an app which removes the app from your phone, tap ‘App info’, ‘uninstall’, and then ‘OK’.

The phone software is not up to date

Sometimes when your phone is not updated with recent software, it can slow the phone down. To update your phone, got to ‘My Account’ and tap on ‘Device Diagnosis’. Then tap ‘System Update’, ‘Device Software’, and then tap ‘Check for Software’.

Low internal memory

The memory will slowly start to disappear as you download things and use the phone more.

View how much memory can be stored on the phone

To do this go to ‘Settings’ which is in your ‘Apps Page’ and then scroll down until you see ‘Storage’. Click on that and then you should see how much memory you have available and how much memory you have used in certain places. Such as in apps or in pictures and videos. If you want to add more storage, look below.

Install a memory card

You need more storage and luckily you can add more to your phone via micro SD card. To do this go to the back of the phone and open the back. Look at the battery removal repair guide. Once you have taken the back and the battery out of the phone there should be a white card in between the camera and where the battery was. The bottom slot is for the SIM card (which is already there) and the top is the slot for the microSD card. Place the microSD card as shown in the diagram where the battery was, faced down.

Clear cache

To clear your cache, go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Storage’ and scroll down go to ‘Cached Data’ and click on that. It will ask you if you want to clear cached data, this will clear cached data for all apps. Press ‘OK’. You will have two cached data files, one in ‘Internal Storage’ and one under phone. Clear both of them, this will clear some space.

Uninstall unused apps

To uninstall your apps, click on ‘Apps’ which will lead you to a list of apps you have installed on your phone. You can see which apps are taking the most space on your phone, which are already listed from the greatest to lowest consumption, so just click on the app and there should be an uninstall button to press and a message will pop up asking if you are sure you want to delete the app. Press ‘OK’.

Delete any videos/photos

Videos can take up a lot of space, so if you have videos or pictures you don’t want, you can delete them by the following these steps: Go to ‘Settings’ and then to ‘Storage’, in ‘Storage’ click on ‘Pictures’, ‘Videos’. This will bring you up to the photos and videos you have taken, you can delete them by going in the folder and clicking the pictures or videos and then 3 dots will be displayed in the upper-right hand side on the screen, click that and the first option should say delete, click it and it will clear some of your data.

Perform a hard reset

In order to do this you will have to backup all of your data onto a computer (if you want to). Once you have backed up all of your data, you are going to go to ’Settings’ and press ‘Backup’ and ‘Reset’. Once you have done that, press ‘Factory Data Reset’, then ‘Reset Phone’, then ‘Erase Everything’. Your phone will turn off and turn back on automatically.

Device will not turn on

The device you have will just simply not turn on at all.

Is your battery in your phone?

Before we begin, please make sure that you have a battery in the phone. The battery will be included in the Kyocera Hydro Vibe box. Simply take out the back of the phone and place the battery into the device. Look at removal of battery on the repair guides for Kyocera Hydro Vibe. Battery Replacement

Phone too hot

The Device might be over charged, simply take out the battery and the let the phone cool down.

Water damaged

Try to see if your phone has water damage, this can be checked by looking at the battery of the phone. The battery has a white sticker on the bottom of it and if it turns pink, it is water damaged and the phone will have to be replaced.

Battery charged

Now that you have the battery, make sure that the phone is charged. To do this, please connect the the charger to the device (make sure it is the charger that the device came with, since sometimes different chargers have different voltage power) and connect it to the wall outlet. If the battery is not charging then you have a dead battery and you will have to replace this battery from the back of the phone. Before you replace it, try to charge it overnight (for at least 12 hours) and if the phone is still not turning on then the battery is dead. If your phone is charging and there is a red blink on the top front then follow the next steps. Also before you replace the battery go ahead and follow the next steps.

Lock button problems

Now that you know that your phone is charged, try pressing the on button which is the same as the lock button on the upper right side of the phone for at least 10 seconds until you see a logo pop up on the screen. To access the repair guide please follow Lock Button Replacement

red blinking light when charging

If you do not see a logo and the red light blinks then you may have a broken screen that needs to be replaced.

replace the battery

Now that you have tried many different things, it might just be that the battery is dead. To access the repair guide please follow Battery Replacement.

The phone's battery life drains really fast

After charging the phone for an extended period of time, the battery does not charge or rapidly depletes.

Restarting the device

Before attempting to take apart the phone to look for internal issues, try restarting the device. Sometime, simply restarting the device can counter common issues.

Unused apps may be taking up battery usage

To see a detailed status of battery usage, from the ‘Apps’ screen, tap the ‘Settings’ app. From there, scroll to locate and tap ‘Battery’. On this page you will be able to see how much of the battery is being consumed by different functions.

Power outlet is dysfunctional

Make sure that the outlet your device is plugged into is receiving electricity and functioning correctly. Try plugging the device into a different power outlet. If the battery begins to charge correctly and lasts a longer period of time, there may be an issue with the power outlet. However, if the issue persists, there may be an issue with the battery or the charger port of the phone.

Bad Battery

If your battery will not charge or depletes rapidly and you have confirmed that switching power outlets does not resolve the issue, it may be an issue with the battery itself and may require you to replace the current battery. Replace the battery (see Repair Guide: Finding and Replacing the Battery). If replacing the battery does not resolve the issue, there may be an issue with the charging port. To access the repair guide please follow Battery Replacement.

Dysfunctional charging port

If you have confirmed that the power outlet and battery are not the source of the issue, there may be a problem with the charging port located on the bottom of the device the device. This will require you to remove and repair the charging port (see Repair Guide: Taking Out and Repairing the Charging Port).

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