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Ibanez SR405QM Troubleshooting

There is no sound is coming from the amplifier or speaker.

You are unable to hear any sound coming from the amplifier

Turned down volume knob

Your volume knob may be turned all the way down. Check to see that it is turned at least half the way up on both the speaker and the bass.

Unplugged audio cable

Be sure that your bass audio cable is properly plugged into the output jack on the guitar and the input jack on the amp.

Dead or drained battery

The battery in your guitar may be drained or bad. Replacing the battery will quickly solve this problem.

Replace or repair by following: Battery Replacement Guide

Broken circuit

It is possible that there is an incomplete circuit somewhere within the electronics of your guitar. You will need to complete the circuit before your guitar will work.

Replace or repair by following: Circuitry Replacement Guide

Broken Input-Jack

The jack where the instrument cable is plugged in may be broken from repeated use.

Replace or repair by following: Link to Input-Jack Guide

There are general issues with the strings.

Your stings may be stale, broken, or otherwise in need of replacement.

Stale strings

Your strings have a flat tone and sound like they do not have any kick or bite. This is a fairly common mantience issue. Strings should be replaced every 2-6 months depending on use and quality of strings purchased.

Replace by following: String Replacement Guide

Broken strings

One or more of your strings has broken or frayed in a way that makes it unplayable. Note: It is extremely dangerous to play with a string that is frayed, unravled or in any other way damaged.

Replace by following: String Replacement Guide

The bass sounds 'off' from other instruments.

The notes you play on your bass do not match the pitch of the same notes played on other basses.

Repair by following: String Tuning and Intonation Guide

Strings are out of tune

Tune the bass according to your tuning preference using a guitar tuner or tuning pedal.

Tune by following: String Tuning and Intonation Guide

The pitch is out of tune at high notes.

You hear that notes played at around the 12th fret and above are out of tune, even though the string is in tune. Change the intonation according to the repair guide.

Repair by following: String Tuning and Intonation Guide

The height of the strings in relation to the fretboard causes difficulty in playing, or a buzzing sound when played.

The strings are too high or too low above the fretboard, and must be adjusted.

High string action

It is difficult to play your bass because you must press each string a great deal before it contacts the fretboard.

Correct by following: String Tuning and Intonation Guide

Low string action

When you strum a string, it makes a buzzing noise because it is vibrating against the frets.

Correct by following: String Tuning and Intonation Guide

The volume/tone knobs don’t work, or make a scratchy sound when turned.

When you adjust the volume or tone on your bass, a scratching noise comes out of the speaker.

Rusty/ dirty potentiometer

Bass knobs pop when turned, cause weird variations in tone and volume, or do not seem to effect tone.

Replace or repair by following: Potentionmeter Replacement Guide

There is an intermittent popping sound while playing.

While playing your bass, you sporadically hear a popping sound over the amplifier or speaker.

Broken instrument cable

The instrument cable you are using may not have a complete connection at both ends, and could have internal breakage. Replace the cable with a different instrument cable.

Incomplete ground circuit

Your guitar is being grounded intermittently, resulting in the popping sound.

Repair Circuitry by following: Circuitry Replacement Guide

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When i plug my guitar in it works on the clean channel and then when i switch it to distortion there is no sound. Anyone know what the problem is?

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