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HTC Touch Pro CDMA Verizon Troubleshooting

HTC Touch Pro PPC-6850 Won't Turn On

Try as you might, you just can't get the phone to turn on.

Drained or Bad battery

Before you begin to meddle with your expensive phone, a quick check of the battery may resolve many issues.

  • Without a properly charged and connected battery your phone simply will not work. Double check that there is a battery connected to the device. See this guide for details.
  • Be sure and check that the battery is properly in place and clear of debris. Remove any dust or dirt that may be interfering with the connection by brushing or blowing on the battery and back of the phone.
  • Check the battery for the small sticker that indicates water damage by changing color, the sticker is white until contacted by water. A water damaged battery may not work properly.
  • Connect your phone charger to the Touch Pro and plug it into a power source, wait a few seconds, and turn it on by pressing and holding the phone's power button.

Attempt to Charge the Device

  • Plug your Touch Pro into a charger. While charging, the left LED should have an amber glow. This will change to green once the charging has completed. If you don't see this, your device is having issues charging.
  • Try switching chargers if the first one doesn't work. The HTC website recommends starting with the AC charger and using the car or usb charger if the first fails to work. This is because the AC charger is far more efficient than the other two.
  • Inspect the USB port for any bent or misshapen pins.
  • The device has an auto-protection feature which prevents it from overheating. It will disable charging if the device reaches a certain temperature. This is most common when performing heavy duty tasks such as using it as a modem or GPS. Although this is not likely to be an issue, it's still something to keep in mind, especially if you have been using the phone as a modem or GPS prior to the problem occurring.
  • Plug a lamp or other device in the wall socket to check that there is no problem with the wall socket itself.

Still No Luck

  • If your phone's problems are not from a bad battery or charger, the next step is to reset it. Try a soft-reset.
  • If you still are unsuccessful, there is a possibility that your phone is working properly except for the fact that the screen is damaged.
  • Finally, if none of these allow you to turn your phone on, there is most likely a problem with your motherboard. Follow the steps in the teardown to access your motherboard and replace it.

The Screen is Black

The phone appears to be working (makes noise, LED light comes on) but the screen stays black.

Damaged Screen

  • If you have dropped or banged the phone recently there is likely damage to the screen. A visible dent or crack is good indication of a broken screen. The phone's screen can be replaced by following this link.

Bad Motherboard

  • If your phone's screen suddenly stops working and you have not dropped or banged the phone, then your issue is likely related to the motherboard which can be accessed by following the teardown guide.

Screen Colors are Inverted or Corrupt

The screen is not black, but the colors are inverted or appear way off.

Try a soft-reset.

Resetting the Device

The modern day equivalent of giving it a few good whacks on the side.

Soft Reset

  • Insert the stylus, or other fine pointed object like a needle, into the soft reset hole located on the side of the phone right next to the USB port. Press and hold down the button until the phone reboots.

Hard Reset

A hard reset of your phone will return the phone to its factory or original settings. You may go about this through either of two methods; the menu path or keystroke methods both produce the same result.

Warning: A hard reset will delete all personal data, customized settings, and also removes any programs you have installed.

  • Menu path
    • From the Today Screen, go to Start>Settings, select the System Tab, and tap on Clear Storage.
    • Enter in the password provided on the display of the device (should be 1234) and tap Yes.
    • The device will begin the Master Reset Process.
  • Keystroke Method
    • Power the device off.
    • Press and hold the Volume Down and Center Navigation Button at same time, do not release.
    • Press Power button and hold for a 3 count (quickly – say one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three). 1-2 seconds is too short, 4-5 seconds is too long.
    • The screen will instantly display a prompt that will guide you through performing a hard reset.
      • You should see a white screen with blue text that provides the next steps to complete the Hard Reset. If you do not get this screen, power the device off and try again.
    • Follow the on screen instruction to finish the hard reset of your phone.

QWERTY Keyboard Unresponsive

When typing using the hardware keyboard, the phone does not register the input or what you type takes several seconds to appear on-screen.

Follow the steps listed in order to remedy this.

  1. Remove 3rd party applications
    • Some people report problems with the keyboard after installing certain unauthorized applications, or trying to make modifications to the phone’s operating system. If you have done any of these things, you should first uninstall these applications and/or revert operating system modifications, and see if that fixes the problem.
    • After removing 3rd party applications, the phone will have to be soft-reset
  2. Apply pressure to space bar
    • Others have remedied the situation by removing the phone’s battery, then applying pressure to the space bar of the keyboard. This often works because the keyboard ribbon is connected to the motherboard directly beneath the space bar.
      • If you would like to take a less crude way to reestablishing this connection, see our guide on accessing your phone's keyboard here.
  3. Hard reset
    • If the above did not solve the problem, you may have to perform a hard-reset.

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