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HP Envy 4520 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you identify issues with the HP Envy 4520.

Printer Will Not Connect To Computer

The printer will not connect wirelessly; it will not print or scan documents.

Offline Printer

If the device is not online, turn the device off and on, and then make sure it is in a ready state. If the hardwired Ethernet connection to the Internet is not connected, then the Ethernet cable may be broken. Simply unplug and replug the hardwire cable into your Internet port and make sure it is in a ready state. If you are operating in a basic network without a firewall, press Print on the document and select the printer. If you have a firewall and the printer is not approved on your network, you must install it on the network by following the prompts and entering the network key or password.

Unresponsive USB Connection

Make sure that your printer is plugged into the power supply and turned on. If the USB connection is unresponsive, check the USB connection for wired printers, or the wireless connection for wireless printers.

Print Is Stuck In Queue

A print job is stuck in the print queue that cannot be cancelled or deleted and prevents further print jobs from printing.

Document Refusing To Print

If you have a document that refuses to print, you may need to update the drivers, firmware, and uninstall, reinstall and disable the AV.

Congested Print Spooler

If the print spooler is congested, simply clear and restart the print spooler—the software that prepares and manages printing documents—and that may fix the problem. If that fails, you may need to cancel one or more documents in your print queue.

Stuck Print Queue Dialogue

If the print queue dialogue is stuck, then too many applications may have run at once.

You can open a printer’s queue by right-clicking that printer in the Devices & Printers window and selecting “See what’s printing.” If you see an older document that can’t print with an error, right-click the document here and remove it. If a printer job is paused, you can resume it from here. You should also click the “Printer” menu and verify that “Use printer offline” isn’t enabled. If this option is checked, remove the checkmark to disable it.

Screen Not Displaying Devices

If the screen will not display the device, there may be no updated drivers for the printer. Visit the manufactures’ website and install the latest printer drivers compatible for the device: Printer Driver Download

Devices Not Displaying

If the devices that are connected to your computer aren't listed in Devices and Printers, then look in Device Manager. Device Manager lists all the hardware installed inside your computer as well as devices connected externally. Device Manager is primarily for advanced computer users and does not display icons for your devices. You must be logged on as an administrator to make any changes to device settings in Device Manager.

Unrecogonized Device

If your computer is not recognizing the device, turn off the printer's power, and remove the cable. Then turn off the computer's power, and turn it on again, and reinstall the printer driver.

Printer Will Not Recognize Ink Cartridge

The device will print but will not display any ink or the device will not recognize the new and full ink cartridge when inserted into the device.

Damaged Cartridges

If an ink cartridge cannot be recognized, the cartridge could be empty or not inserted correctly. Some unrecognized cartridge errors can simply mean that the cartridges are not inserted properly. Try to remove the unrecognized ink cartridge and reinsert the cartridge to solve the issue.

Non-genuine cartridges and other particular cartridges can take a fair amount of force when installing. Close the printer lid and/or press the 'Ink' button on printer. If the error disappears and the printer now says 'Charging ink' or returns to the usual home display, the problem is solved. If the 'Ink cartridges cannot be recognized' error message returns, try repeating this process once before moving to the next step.

Dirty Cartridges

Remove all ink cartridges and inspect the cartridge chips. If dirty or inky, wipe all chips with damp, lint free cloth then polish with a dry, lint free cloth. Fit the cartridges back in the printer.

Faulty Cartridges Error

If the cartridge error persists, remove all ink cartridges, then close the printer lid and turn the printer power off. Power the printer back on and fit only the original unrecognized cartridge. Close the printer lid and/or press the 'Ink' button. Wait while the printer is checking the ink cartridges and see if it now recognizes the faulty cartridge. If yes, fit all the remaining ink cartridges, then close the lid and/or press the "Ink" button. If the same error returns, repeat these steps.

Printer Will Not Connect To Wi-Fi

The device will not connect to the wireless and/or hardline internet connection.

Software Not Installed

If your printer is not working, then software installation may be necessary. Before installing the printer software, check the requirements. Make sure the router and computer are turned on, and that the computer is connected to the same wireless network as the one you want to connect to the printer. Turn on the printer and place it close to the computer and within range of the router during the setup procedure. Follow manufacturer instructions and install the printer software.

Overloaded Networks/Routers

If networks and routers are overloaded with firmware, they might reject a connection, even when you’ve entered the password properly.

Consult with the network’s operator—if that’s you, then you should reboot the router.

Faulty IP Address

Normally, your printer will have the same IP address on the local network. However, there are times when the printer’s IP address will change and suddenly your printing ability will stop.

If your printer's IP address changes, simply change the IP address of the printer on your computer. On a Mac, just delete the printer and then re-add it with the new IP address. On Windows, switch the IP address of the port or remove and add the printer again.

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